Our potatoes are also available locally. In fact, you can buy our potatoes at our company, because we have a vending machine. This machine is located in the facade on the left side of the building (see below for the exact location). Here we offer various potatoes: baby potatoes, floury cooking potatoes, firm cooking potatoes, oven potatoes, but also potatoes for French fries. We will also regularly put some types of special potatoes or seasonal items in the vending machine. Please note: at our payment terminal you can only pay “contactless”.

Operating the machine

– Select the box of your choice with the number keys and confirm by pressing the green tick
– Would you like a second product? Then choose the number of your second choice and press the green check mark again. The product will be added to your order.
– Press the green round button “Confirm purchases and pay” to start the payment procedure
– There is a small green button “Start” on the payment terminal. Press this key and then hold your debit card against the payment module. After completing the payment, the desired box (or boxes) will open.

Where can you find our potato machine?

Uilecotenweg 53
5324 JT Ammerzoden