There is a weigh bridge on the site of Jac van den Oord Potatoes. Trucks up to 70 tons can weigh here. For returning customers the bridge is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week available: we issue ‘badges’ for this, plastic coins with which you can weigh outside at the terminal itself. After weighing you will receive a printed weighing slip in duplicate or in triplicate if desired. We will briefly show our rates and method below.

Weighing rates at Jac van den Oord BV for Business-to-business customers

– We charge a € 12.50 deposit for each issued badge (weight coin). When you return the coin later, you will of course receive it back from us
– We charge € 10.00 for double weighing. This includes weighing in and out and thus entering the weighbridge twice with a vehicle
– We charge € 5.00 for a single weighing. This also includes weighing in and then weighing out by means of a manual entry (also called tare)
– We only accept payment afterwards for customers with badges. Other customers must pay the payment immediately after weighing. This can be done in cash or by pin.
– For customers with badges, invoicing is done via our computer system, this is carried out every six months.

Weighing rates at Jac van den Oord BV for private individuals

our weighbridge is also ideal for weighing vehicles: weigh your caravan, camper or boat? You can contact us for this. The rate for such weighings is EUR 7,50. You will receive a weighing slip in duplicate from us: you can keep this with the papers of your vehicle.

If you have any questions, you can reach us in various ways. You can, for example, report to the desk of the office (Mon to Fri 7: 00-17: 30). You can also call us (073 599 9191) or email us (info@jacvandenoord.nl).