Not standing together with groups, keeping your distance, washing hands … Many people can now recite the regulations of the RIVM, but in practice it sometimes turns out to be less easy to implement. Our potato machine offers help with this. You can choose from an assortment of potatoes, you pay contactless with your debit card or with your telephone and you do not have to queue. In short, fresh potatoes for a fair price without having to worry about your health.

Our recommendations!

Agria Fritesbonken van Jac van den Oord Potatoes - onze aanrader!Our recommendations are the Frites Potatoes and the Oven potatoes: with the Frites Potatoes you can make very tasty and crispy fries. It couldn’t be fresher, nor tastier. Cut the potatoes into fries, rinse under water and drain well, pre-bake in the deep fryer for approx. 5 minutes at 150 degrees, allow to cool and finally bake at 180 degrees until golden yellow.

With the oven potatoes, for example, you can bake wedges on a baking tray or in an oven dish, with some oil and herbs. Short pre-cooking is allowed, not necessary. Peeling is also not a requirement. You cut them into wedges, put them in a bowl or on the baking tray on a sheet of baking paper, some oil on top and spices of your choice and in about 45 minutes at 190 degrees you have delicious oven potatoes.

Current product range

At the moment you will find various types of potatoes in our machine, a suitable potato for almost every preparation!

  • Floury cooking potatoes – Suitable for: boiling, grilling and mashing
  • Firm cooking potatoes – Suitable for: boiling, baking, oven preparation, salads
  • Frites potatoes – The ideal potato for fresh fries
  • Baby Potatoes – Great to bake in a pan or oven. Peeling is not necessary
  • Oven Potatoes – Red potatoes for roasting or grilling in the oven, with or without the skin
  • Colour Mix – 3 colors of firm cooking potatoes for a colour explosion on your plate. Also suitable for boiling or baking
  • Purple potatoes – a special dark purple, firm cooking potato. The bright purple potato can be used for various purposes, for example boiled and diced in a salad. But how about a purple potato soup or a purple puree? The potato is also used for making purple chips, which are used as a side dish.
  • La Ratte – a culinary potato, originally from France. The shape of the potato looks like a carrot and can be eaten in the skin. It is a firm cooking potato and is perfect for oven dishes or roasting.
  • Eigenheimer – a very floury cooking potato as we know it from ‘the old days’. This potato is a bit more difficult to peel, but full of flavor and its fluffy character makes it ideal for purees and mash pots.
  • Bildtstar – a rather firm cooking potato with a red skin. Bildtstar is, just like Eigenheimer, a classic! This potato is often used to bake in a pan or oven, after being peeled and shortly being boiled.